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by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© December 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Masturbation is a harmful habit.I don’t agree with the psychologists and doctors who say it is fine.For the purposes of development of a human being, it is not wise.It uses up the precious sexual fluid, especially with men.

It also wastes your time and energy, and it is distracting.It keeps the mind focused on the lower energy centers, rather than where your attention belongs - on the upper energy centers.To learn about these centers, please read The Energy Centers on this site.

This article suggests a number of ways to stop the habit.That is all it is – a habit.

Bible view. The following link gives a very detailed and interesting view of masturbation from a Jewish perspective.

http://www.jewishsexuality.com/what-is-so-bad-about-masturbating .

Here is a reference for a Christian view: http://bibleresources.org/masturbation/




Definitions of masturbation. 1. Sexual self-gratification, usually to orgasm.

2.(Psychological definition).Any activity that tickles the mind or body and gives a little pleasure, but is really a waste of time and accomplishes nothing.

I often receive emails from young men and women who have a masturbation habit.Here is a typical one:

Dear Dr. Wilson,

I had a severe addiction with pornography and masturbation between the years of 18 and 26.I ejaculated about 60 times a month during these years.It felt good for a while, but then I developed the following symptoms:

-severe premature ejaculation all of a sudden

-severely sexually exhausted and drained

-feeling tired, sleepy, and dopey all the time

-seminal leaking during bowel movement and after urination

-severe lower back pain

-severe bloating/tension pain in my abdomen after orgasm and lasting days/weeks

-frequent urination

-waking up during the night to urinate

-severe prostatitis

I became very alarmed and concerned, and finally realized that I had destroyed my body over the years.

Students get $1.000 scholarships from

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The Miami-Dade County Commission for Women, pictured, recently awarded $1,000 scholarships to Ashley Garcell, Elba Garcia, and Isis Rollins, center, of the Young Women’s Preparatory Academy in Miami.
The Miami-Dade County Commission for Women, pictured, recently awarded $1,000 scholarships to Ashley Garcell, Elba Garcia, and Isis Rollins, center, of the Young Women’s Preparatory Academy in Miami.


Students get $1.000 scholarships from Commission for Women

By Adrianne Richardson

[email protected]

July 02, 2018 11:13 PM

The Miami-Dade County Commission for Women awarded $1,000 scholarships to Ashley Garcell , Elba Garcia , and Isis Rollins of the Young Women’s Preparatory Academy during the June commission meeting.

Miami-Dade County Commission for Women Ashley Garcell Elba Garcia Isis Rollins Young Women’s Preparatory Academy

The Miami-Dade County Commission for Women, created in 1971, holds a partnership with the magnet school to offer annual scholarships to alumni.

Ashley will be attending Florida State University ; Isis will be attending the University of South Florida , and Elba will be attending the Honors College at Miami-Dade College . The scholarships were donated by North Miami Mayor Smith Joseph and a host of commissioners, including Barbara Jordan, Audrey Edmonson, Rebeca Sosa, Daniella Levine Cava, Dennis Moss, Javier Souto, Jose Diaz, and Former County Commissioner Bruno Barreir.

Florida State University University of South Florida Miami-Dade College
inRead invented by Teads

For information, call Laura Morilla at 305-375-4967.

Several Miami-Dade County music students were recognized as 2018 Bob Novack Music Award winners, sponsored by 1308 Productions , for their talent and dedication to music.

2018 Bob Novack Music Award 1308 Productions

Bob Novack was a Florida-based musician that performed with famous bands like the Glenn Miller Band and led the Bob Novack Orchestra in South Florida for four decades. The organization, 1308 Productions, was created to honor talented music students in memory of Novack.

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On the other hand, masturbation does have some well-documented health benefits:

It makes you happy – literally

Women have unlike most men, different ways to orgasm. There is the G-spot (a sensitive wall on the anterior wall of the vagina), the clitoris (which contains 8000 nerve-endings compared to 4000 for the penis), and even anal stimulation (which might not be for everyone).

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The thing is that when a woman masturbates and reaches her climax, a host of feel-good chemicals are released.

As Dr Lauren Streicher, an Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Northwestern University points out , in the Huffington Post, “We know that pleasure makes people feel good. It's really that simple. Orgasms release the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, which can improve your mood and create a natural high. Who needs drugs when you can make your own?”

It helps you sleep

Another delightful side-effect of masturbation for women is the fact that it helps get some shut-eye. Masturbating helps you sleep the same way exercise makes you feel better.

The reasons for this is the release of what pop-culture calls the ‘cuddle hormone’ aka oxytocin. Masturbation or sex boosts one’s oxytocin levels and lowers cortisol (a stress-hormone).

Dr Rachel Needle, co-director of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes tells CNN: “For women, oestrogen levels increase after sex, which can enhance a woman's REM cycle for a deeper sleep. In men, the hormone prolactin is secreted after orgasm and has been tied to sleepiness.”

Makes you comfortable of your body

Another important thing about masturbation is the fact that it makes women comfortable with their body, which is particularly important in a society hell-bent on dissecting the way women look and heaps on tonnes of issues pertaining to insecurity and body image. These insecurities can carry over when a woman has sex leading to an awkard time.

On the other hand, masturbation can lead to increased self-confidence and makes one comfortable with their own body as they find their way around all the bases.

Dr Marget Redelman OAM, a doctor and a medical sex therapist wrote for TheHealthsite.com, “Sexologists advise masturbation as a learning step for women who have not yet learned to have orgasms. Solo masturbation gives the privacy, security and unlimited time in an unpressured space which allows a woman to learn about her very special individual sexual arousal and orgasm response pattern.”

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